Bible Reading Fellowship – Summer 2023

Imagine walking into a home and seeing the dining table laden with all the best food: appetizers, drinks, main courses, desserts, coffee, tea, and all of it waiting and ready for the guests.  God has laid this table for us with his word.  We are welcomed as Christians to find our seats and to begin eating!  This reading plan is the menu for our feast over the next 3 months.

Despite the overabundance of food many Christians struggle with developing a habit of sitting down regularly and eating.  We have overcomplicated the practice by telling ourselves we must understand all the nuances and intricacies of the text on a first read.  We have forgotten the communal pleasures of eating and reading together.

This summer, let us feast together, on the wonderful meal that God has prepared for us.  You can ask Matt for a hardcopy of the pdf or you can download it yourself from the link here.

Summer Reading Challenge – 2023 copy – Handout Copy