Interpreting the Bible (a 4-part study)

Interpreting the Bible – Part 1

"The Bible can mean anything you want it to mean" is a common enough claim and there is a sense in which that is true. The Bible can be made to say anything you want it to say if you approach it with a certain frame of mind that fails to observe some basic rules of...

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Interpreting the Bible – Part 2

The importance of interpreting the Bible correctly can be illustrated by the story of a very discouraged man who decided to seek comfort from the Bible. He randomly opened the Bible and placed his finger on a verse in the hope that it would say something uplifting....

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Interpreting the Bible – Part 3

God has revealed his will in the Scriptures with the obvious intention of being understood. So when we read the Bible we need to know if we are reading historical narrative, poetry, psalms, prophecy, doctrine or an account of the life of Jesus. Furthermore, we need to...

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Interpreting the Bible – Part 4

The Bible was never written to answer specifically every possible eventuality that may arise in life, but there are principles in Scripture that give us divine guidance concerning the issues we face today. Jesus taught that such principles exist. He said, "Haven't you...

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